Wilmer R. Schultz, Inc.

Wilmer R. Schultz, Inc.

Since 1949, W.R. Schultz, Inc. has established a long list of successful commercial, institutional and heavy industrial construction projects. Our people will tell you the reason for our success—we are builders, not brokers. From the moment we break ground, we approach our job as contractors with tools, not as businessmen wielding alligator briefcases. As a fully equipped union general contractor, we have a thorough working knowledge of our industry, and are capable of self-performing many aspects of the work with our own forces.

Doing the Unconventional

Few contractors can lay claim to the types of specialized projects that W. R. Schultz, Inc. has tackled over the years. We find that construction expertise does not come from doing the routine—it comes from doing the unconventional. Because of these unusual projects, in particular, we have developed and retained some of the best tradesmen in the industry.

When Time Matters

Time is about giving you what you need, when you need it. At W. R. Schultz, Inc. we know that time is critical. We also understand that time means different things to different people. For the plant engineer whose facility is destroyed by fire, time means the loss of jobs and the difference between profit and loss. For the high school principal in a growing school district, time means that he/she will have new classrooms for his/her students returning for the new school year. For the hospital administrator, time means that his/her new treatment facility will be ready for patients who are most in need of its services. Time is not only about money, it is also about people and their relationships with one another.

Delivering on Our Promises

We do not take our commitments lightly. Before we make any commitment, we ask one simple question: Can we deliver? What enables us to deliver projects on time is that we use our own forces to control (not just manage) two important aspects of the construction process. First, by self-performing the site work and foundations, we can ensure that a structure will get out of the ground on schedule. Second, if a schedule must be accelerated to make up for lost time, the final stages of the work, especially the interiors, are often pushed the hardest. When the interiors must be pushed, we have a force of experienced carpenters who are capable of producing high quality work—quickly. By controlling these two important elements, W.R. Schultz, Inc. has consistently delivered on its promises for five decades.