Our People

Our People

We believe that the safety and health of each and every employee in our organization is paramount. Our employees are our most important asset and their safety at the workplace is our greatest responsibility. A firm’s relationship with its own staff may provide clues on how it will build its relationship with you. We realize that our performance depends on our people, and our relationship with you ultimately depends on your assessment of us. Consider these facts:

  • We emphasize stability and have little turnover.
  • Over the years, dozens of employees have retired with 30 or more years of tenure.
  • The members of our construction management team have between 15 and 45-years of experience.
  • Our combined office staff and field forces average 150 people, often peaking at 250 people at the height of the construction season.
  • Because of our people and their work, owners will often ask us back for repeat business; some of our relationships have been ongoing for over 35-years.

Our Actions Tell the Story

A Chinese proverb reads, “To know a man’s true character, get him angry.” Fair weather friends abound when the going is good. But what happens when the problems occur? Watching how someone handles problems will tell you a lot about his true abilities…and character. When it comes to problems, we have a simple approach:

  • If it’s not right, we fix it

Taking A Financial Pulse

The foundation of any firm is its financial condition, and it’s no different for us. Hoping to get something for nothing will never happen. Acquiring and retaining the best talent, or implementing the right ideas, or constructing the work, will never occur unless there is sufficient working capital. Please consider:

  • Our organization is debt free
  • We have a nine-figure bonding capacity
  • We have long standing relationships and significant lines of credit with our banks
  • We are disciplined and conservative financial managers